A selection of previously published features on corporate finance, venture capital and private equity

The next generation of solar (PDF, 450kb)
Cleantech Magazine, October 2008
The solar energy sector has enjoyed intense venture capital investment in recent years. Find out more about the key deals and technologies in this series of features, originally published in Cleantech Magazine between December 2007 and May 2008, and later collected and updated in a special In-Focus section.

European mid-market review 2008
Private Equity International - Annual Review 2008
A review of what happened in this key private equity sector in 2007 - before and after the credit crunch - and predictions for 2008.

Tipping point (PDF, 640kb)
Corporate Financier, November 2007
As financial buyers withdraw from the M&A market following the credit crunch, how can company vendors achieve the best value?

Blue sky rethinking?
Corporate Financier, April 2007
M&A in the technology sector is reaching record levels – what's driving it, and is there a risk of another bubble? 

A clean future (External link to PDF)
iSight, March 2007
The private equity industry is investing heavily in so-called clean technology businesses, addressing problems like climate change, energy dependency, pollution and unsustainable urbanisation. An overview of the sector, on behalf of 3i. (NB – the link above downloads the entire magazine as 2.4Mb PDF.)

The real Dragons
Real Business, March 2006
Television's Dragon's Den has brought the idea of business angel investment to a mass audience, but what's it really like to raise money from these people? Everything the entrepreneur needs to know, with case studies and top tips from the angels themselves.

A helping hand
Corporate Financier, February 2006
Like private equity firms, corporate financiers are increasingly recruiting formal advisory boards of the great and good. From the Big Four to the boutiques, find out what they can offer and what exactly they do.

Beyond the starting blocks
Corporate Financier, September 2005
Shortlisted for the BVCA Private Equity & Venture Capital Journalist Of The Year Awards 2005
The government-backed Regional Venture Capital Funds have been up and running for three years, but are they delivering? An exclusive investigation.

UK buyouts review
Real Deals, 27 January 2005
A review of the buyout market for the UK and Ireland. Part of Real Deals' annual European buyout supplement.

All quiet on the Northern front?
Real Deals, 18 December 2003
2003 was a tough year for buyout firms in the North of England, but some firms were confident their origination efforts were paying off.

Questions remain over regional VC funds
Yorkshire Business Insider, July/August 2003
A first look at the performance of the government-backed Regional Venture Capital Funds.

State your case
Real Deals, 24 April 2003
Government-backed venture funds are common across Europe, but can state intervention ever work?

Let there be more light
Real Deals, 25 July 2002
The winning feature in the BVCA/ISIS Venture Capital Journalist of the Year Awards 2002
With telecom companies strapped for cash, what are the prospects for investment in the optoelectronics sector?

The real thing
Real Deals, 7 March 2002
How do venture capitalists assess new technologies before investing? An examination of current attitudes to best practice.

From learning to profit
Real Deals, November 2001
Venture capitalists are looking to universities for the next hot technologies – but is it that easy to profit from academic R&D?

The players' club
Yorkshire Business Insider, November 2001
Yorkshire's leading dealmakers meet for a game of snooker and a wide-ranging debate about the state of the region's financial market.

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