A selection of previously published features on various subjects

When in doubt, quote Ballard
Ballardian.com, August 2006
An exclusive interview with writer and urban explorer Iain Sinclair, focusing on his work with JG Ballard. (External link)

Haunts of the Halifax Slasher
Strange Attractor Journal, April 2005
A walk through hysteria and violence in a Pennine milltown. Explore the strange events of 1938 and their echoes across the history of Halifax, from the 13th century Gibbet executions to 21st century far-right politics.

The other side of Albert Einstein
Physics World, January 2005
Einstein has been accused of being a plagiarist, philanderer, and worse – but is there any truth in the allegations? Part of Physics World's special issue to mark Einstein's centenary and the International Year of Physics.

Understanding volatility as a process
Quantitative Finance, April 2004
An exclusive interview with Robert Engle, joint winner of the 2003 economics Nobel.

Father of fractal complexity
Quantitative Finance, October 2003
An exclusive interview with controversial polymath Benoit Mandelbrot, focusing on his work in financial economics.

Bringing economics into the laboratory
Quantitative Finance, August 2003
An exclusive interview with Vernon Smith, joint winner of the 2002 economics Nobel.

Smoke without fire
Bizarre, December 2000
The strange case of iToke, the dope dotcom that wasn't.

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