A selection of previously published features on science and technology

The next generation of solar (PDF, 450kb)
Cleantech Magazine, October 2008
The solar energy sector has enjoyed intense venture capital investment in recent years. Find out more about the key deals and technologies in this series of features, originally published in Cleantech Magazine between December 2007 and May 2008, and later collected and updated in a special In-Focus section.

Protein purification: Pure but not simple
Nature, 5 April 2005
Protein purification is stepping into the limelight, as proteomics researchers demand faster ways to purify more proteins. (External link)

Swift prospects for gamma-ray bursts
Physics World, October 2004
A preview of Nasa's orbital observatory for studying GRBs, one of the universe's oddest phenomena.

Breathing life into chemistry
Nature, 19 August 2004
Chemical biology, using chemical tools to solve biological problems, is awakening interest among students and creating a new breed of researcher. (External link)

Drug discovery: The leading edge
Nature, 1 July 2004
Synthesizing and selecting the lead compounds that will become the drugs of the future are the heart of drug discovery. (External link)

Seeing is believing
Nature, 23 October 2003
The latest technology in laboratory imaging and microscopy, where peering down an eyepiece is a thing of the past. (External link)

Lift-off for SIRTF mission
Physics World, April 2003
The last of NASA's Great Observatories prepares for launch.

Automation on the move
Nature, 6 February 2003
The latest technology in lab automation and robotics, and how it's helping discover and test new drug candidates. (External link)

The hydrogen economy blasts off
Physics World, July 2002
A look at initiatives to promote hydrogen power in Iceland and the US. Part of Physics World's 'Energy Challenges' special issue.

The real thing
Real Deals, 7 March 2002
How do venture capitalists assess new technologies before investing? An examination of current attitudes to best practice.

Astronomy enters age of virtual reality
Physics World, March 2002
The global initiative to create a virtual observatory, a digital archive of observational data that will change the way astronomers work.

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