Portrait of Tim ChapmanAbout Tim Chapman
I am a professional writer based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. From 2000-2010, I worked as a freelance journalist covering the broad fields of business, technology and economics. 

My work appeared in publications as diverse as Real Deals and Real Business, Nature, Corporate Financier, Financial Times, Fortean Times, Physics World, Cleantech and Quantitative Finance, and I also did extensive research and editorial work for a range of corporate and public sector clients. In 2007, I launched the Clean Ventures blog to focus on investment in the then-emerging sector of 'clean technologies'.

The features section of this website provides an archive of some selected work from this period, while reviews presents book and other reviews from various magazines.

The blog section (originally entitled 'view', later 'An elegant escape from reality') presents a mix of news, views, photographs and random thoughts on a variety of subjects, related to my work and otherwise. This blog will continue as the main focus of the site, following my return to full-time employment in early 2010.

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