A selection of previously published book reviews

Super Crunchers
Ian Ayres
Fortean Times, November 2007

New Theories of Everything
John D Barrow
Fortean Times, October 2007

The Artist and the Mathematician
Amir D Aczel
Fortean Times, August 2007

A People's History of Science
Clifford D Conner
Fortean Times, October 2006

The Infinite Cosmos
Joseph Silk
Fortean Times, June 2006

Are we alone? The Stanley Kubrick Extraterrestrial-Intelligence Interviews
Anothony Frewin (ed)
Fortean Times, April 2006

Steven D Leavitt & Stephen J Dubner
Fortean Times, October 2005

Two biographies of Fred Hoyle
Fred Hoyle: A life in science by Simon Mitton & Fred Hoyle's Universe by Jane Gregory
Fortean Times, September 2005

Empire of the Stars
Arthur I Miller
Fortean Times, Summer 2005 (issue 200)

Breaking the Time Barrier
Jenny Randles
Fortean Times, June 2005

HG Wells: Traversing Time
W Warren Wagar
Fortean Times, March 2005

Bolt of Fate: Benjamin Franklin and his electric kite hoax
Tom Tucker
Fortean Times, September 2004

So you think you're human?
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Fortean Times, August 2004

Critical mass: How one thing leads to another
Philip Ball
Fortean Times, July 2004

Fred Hoyle's universe
Chandra Wickramasinghe, Geoffrey Burbridge & Jayant Narlickar (editors)
Fortean Times, June 2004

The art of deception: Controlling the human element of security
Kevin D Mitnick & William L Simon
Fortean Times, June 2004

Backroom boys: The secret return of the British boffin
Francis Spufford
Fortean Times, April 2004

The phaselock code
Roger Hart
Fortean Times, February 2004

The prophet and the astronomer: A scientific journey to the end of time
Marcelo Gleiser
Fortean Times, January 2004

Quantum: A guide for the perplexed
Jim Al-Khalili
Fortean Times, July 2003

Gonzo Science (CD)
Jim Richardson
Fortean Times, May 2003

XTL: Extraterrestrial life and how to find it
Simon Goodwin with John Gribbin
Fortean Times, February 2003

Our molecular future
Douglas Mulhall
Fortean Times, December 2002

I wish I'd made you angry earlier
Max Perutz
Fortean Times, September 2002

Time travel in Einstein's universe
J Richard Gott III
Fortean Times, January 2002

A thin cosmic rain
Michael W Friedlander
Chemistry & Industry, 15 October 2001

The talk of the galaxy - an ET message for us?
Paul LaViolette
Fortean Times, April 2001

Rare Earth
Peter D Ward & Donald Brownlee
Fortean Times, March 2001

The bit and the pendulum
Tom Siegfried
Chemistry & Industry, 18 December 2000

The universe that discovered itself
John D Barrow
Fortean Times, November 2000

Life on other worlds and how to find it
Stuart Clark
Chemistry & Industry, 18 September 2000

Here be dragons
David Koerner & Simon LeVay
Fortean Times, August 2000

Heavy water and the wartime race for nuclear energy
Per F Dahl
Chemistry & Industry, 21 February 2000

The moon: resources, future development and colonization
David Schrunk, Burton Sharpe, Bonnie Cooper & Madhu Thangavelu
Chemistry & Industry, 20 December 1999

Planetary dreams: the quest to discover life beyond earth
Robert Shapiro
Chemistry & Industry, 19 July 1999

The chemistry of mind-altering drugs
Daniel M Perrine
Chemistry & Industry, 5 January 1998